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Cricklade Bloomers Strategic Plan 2009 to 2010

Cricklade Bloomers have set a good standard within the local community it is our aim over the next two years to keep expanding the ‘Community Involvement’ opportunities.

We aim to achieve this by:-

  • Promoting the standards for the Britain in Bloom competition
  • Expand our communication links with the community through the Bloomers web site, community presentations and direct contact with local organisations.
  • Expand our ‘Working with Education programme’
  • Apply for funding to enable Cricklade Bloomers to maintain high standards of floral displays.
  • Work with the Town Council over new projects such as the planting of the entrance to Cricklade roundabout, developing Long Close green area and the planting the Community garden.
  • Continue to promote local recycling and composting schemes.
  • Invite more  local industries based within Cricklade to work with Cricklade Bloomers to ‘Make Cricklade A Better Place’
  • Expand our volunteer programme with information and recruitment days
  • Make full use of the Bloomers walled garden nursery by growing and re-using plants for floral displays, composting and water conservation.
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