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Cricklade in Bloom, Future Community Projects

A community as involved as Cricklade will always have future projects - ideas, plans, dreams; there are many. 

St Sampson’s Junior and Infant Schools – Growing Gardens
Both Schools are developing growing gardens for the children so that they can experience first hand growing and tasting their own vegetables.

Cricklade Community Garden
The garden which will be in the centre of the Town on Waylands will incorporate areas for seating, permanently planted borders, raised beds for fragrant and sensory plants, flag poles and a community developed pebble mosaic.
Much of the funding for this project is now in place and work will commence March 2009.

Eastern Roundabout
There is a desire in the community to improve and enhance the roundabout as you enter Cricklade off the A419. A substantial amount of money has been given to Cricklade Bloomers by T. Mobile specifically for this project. Cricklade Town Council and Cricklade Bloomers are working together to acquire permission from local authorities to implement enhancement of the roundabout.

Long Close
An “L” shaped piece of land that is the Western corner of the Towns Saxon ramparts has for the last 25 years been under the ownership of Wimpy developers; and has been left un managed. Cricklade Town Council has been working to acquire this piece of land to reinstate a much needed green area within the Town. Success came earlier this year with Wimpy giving the land back to Cricklade. Cricklade Bloomers will be assisting in the development of this green space, it is hoped that many others will wish to come on board.
Long Close is steeped in history; one idea is to develop a “Time Line Walk” involving the local schools, Historical Society, Churches, Court Leet, Natural England and Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. Watch this space.

Cricklade Bloomers Walled Garden Nursery
The neglected walled garden behind Lloyds Bank in the High Street has at last been let to Cricklade Bloomers for use as a nursery/storage area. As Bloomers has expanded over the last four years so has our need to have a permanent location for storage, growing on and preparation of the many planters. There is much work to be done, but enthusiasm is never lacking in the Bloomer team.

The Jenner Hall Garden, enhancement of the courtyard. Completed July 2008

The Museum Garden, a refurbishment programme. Due to start March 16th/17th 2009

Heberden House raised planters, funded by Westlea Housing & Cricklade Sportsmen’s Association.

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