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Fritillary Watch - Tuesday 30th April 2019

Meadow Footpath Markers

The Fritillaries are now past their peak
The fritillaries of North Meadow are now reaching the end of their display for this season. Over the next few weeks the hay crop will be growing and many wild flowers will come into bloom. Late May early June is a good time to see the rich diversity of the North Meadow lowland hay meadow. We expect the hay cut to be mid June this year.

Visiting the meadow
As we move into growing, flowering, and nesting season we ask everyone visiting the meadow to be prepared for their visit. The meadow is a very special place, and the difference between enjoyment and damage is small and the impact of visitors takes its toll every year.
The best way to help preserve the meadow is keep to the paths. Please bring appropriate footwear so that you don’t have to walk around puddles, and keep to small narrow groups. It can be tempting to leave the path to get a closer look at a flower or take a picture, so please bring binoculars and read the photographers guide. Fritillaries did grow up to the paths but, due to trampling of the flowering plants they are getting further away from the paths. Keeping to the paths will help save them and allow them to repopulate these areas.
Please keep dogs on short leads and under control. We have ground nesting birds that can be flushed and disturbed by dogs. We have experienced a dramatic increase in dog fouling on the meadow in the last few years. This increases the phosphate levels in the soil can cause serious illness in livestock.

We hope you’ll enjoy your visit to North Meadow. If you have any questions about your visit please contact Natural England Reserve Manager Aidan Fallon, or 07919995036


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