North Meadow Cricklade North Meadow

Cricklade North Meadow

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Introduction to North Meadow

North Meadow is an old hay meadow which is now a National Nature Reserve and a Site of Special Scientific Interest. It is famous for having the largest UK population of rare Snakes Head Fritillaries which flower in the Spring and attract a large number of visitors. They are usually at their best during the second and third week of April. The meadow has been managed by the residents of Cricklade for hundreds of years through the Court Leet which still exists and has an active role in the management of the meadow today. The meadow is now owned by Natural England who arrange guided walks around the meadow at weekends when the Fritillaries are in flower.

Click on the picture above to watch a short 3min audio visual showing what you can see on the meadow or follow the buttons on the left to find out more. If you would like to visit to see the fritillaries click 'Fritillary_Watch' to read a report on the state of the meadow and condition of the fritillaries written by the Natural England Warden.

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