February News

The cost of planting the town each year has to be raised by Bloomers with a top up contribution from the Town Council. This year we were unable to raise money from any of our normal fundraising events such as the Fritillary Tearooms, Mikron Theatre visit and wreath making.

The sale of plants from the Walled Garden and members’ houses raised £3075 and the virtual wreath making event raised £1882 a combined total of £4957. Cricklade you are amazing, thank you for your support “to make Cricklade A Better Place”.

We are taking things a little easier in January, a quiet time for Bloomers and for most of us in the garden. Time to browse the seed catalogues and glossy brochures in the warm and comfort of the

We will be out and about, social distancing of course, keeping the planters tidy and looking for new spring life in the gardens. Gardening is recognised as one of the most therapeutic pastimes. Bloomers have a number of added advantages. You don’t have to be alone so friendship and avoiding loneliness are keys to your wellbeing. Even in the darkest days of Covid we managed to keep going following the strictest of measures.

A chance to learn new talents and not only gardening tips, there are a wealth of skills and knowledge amongst our members. Then there is of course, our community, we are proud of what we do around the town. There is something very satisfying when a visitor says “Your town always looks so special” or “you are doing an amazing job”.

Join us and be part of the success that is Bloomers. Everyone is welcome, you have skills we can use, come and join us.

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Email anita@crickladeinbloom.co.uk

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