March News

January and February are traditionally quiet months in the garden but at least we can all see the signs of spring as the snowdrops and crocus appear followed by the daffodils. Like the spring flowers popping up to brighten your days you will start to see Cricklade Bloomers busying around the Town.  I read an interesting article a few weeks ago where a GP prescribed gardening as a remedy for stress.  A four year study has shown having a few plants in your front garden can significantly reduce stress levels. The research that showed even a tiny patch of nature has measurable beneficial effects on health.

Lets prove the research right.  Plant the smallest patch in your front garden brighten up your front even with a potted plant or some spring flowers. We are still encouraging you to Love your Road Sign.

Love Your Road Sign

You don’t have to be alone so friendship and avoiding loneliness are keys to your wellbeing.  Even in the darkest days of Covid we managed to keep going following the strictest of measures. A chance to learn new talents and not only gardening tips, there are a wealth of skills and knowledge amongst our members. Then there is of course, our Community, we are proud of what we do around the Town. There is something very satisfying when a visitor says “Your Town always looks so special” or “you are doing an amazing job”.  

Join us and be part of the success that is Bloomers. Everyone is welcome, you have skills we can use come and join us.

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