Our Volunteers


Anita Barratt

Chairman and founder member of Cricklade Bloomers. It has been such a pleasure working with so many wonderful volunteers and partner organisations. I enjoy the challenges and the chatter whilst we all work, achieving so much together.


Barry Arthurs

Retired Dangerous Goods HGV driver. Been a Bloomers member for about 12 years, joined when Bloomers were competing in the Britain in Bloom competition. Part of the grass edging team. Enjoy going to Bloomers for company and a chat. Gardening is not my favourite thing but enjoy doing all the other jobs that need doing.

Gill Hiscock

I joined Bloomers, to meet people, make new friends and enjoy gardening with friends. There is always fun as you will see from the photo of things that we grow at the Walled Garden be it veg or flowers.

Renato Cristini

I was convinced by a neighbour to join Bloomers a few years ago and it has been a fantastic experience. The atmosphere, the care for people and places around us, the interest in a better environment, all come together in the few hours we spend around Cricklade. I’m in my 50’s working from home and I can guarantee every week you can enjoy a few hours of relaxed wellbeing.

Chris Atkins

I like the Town to look great and give people the chance to be proud of their town. I like the technical challenges that the construction projects bring to Bloomers and when we can I like the social side of meeting all the other members. 

Ann Trotman

I would just like to say how much I have enjoyed being involved in the community project and I look forward to when we can start again.


Trisha Nevill

My reason for being a volunteer is for the camaraderie and a way to keep our town looking lovely.


Bob Jones

It’s fun , informative and I am meeting people with a huge range of skills and interests sharing our passion to make Cricklade special and by the way I can now identify most of the plants in my garden. 

Sue Woodcock

I joined Bloomers several years ago when they were behind the doctor’s surgery. I had noticed the ladies out and about previously and thought I would like to join this gardening group. I was made very welcome and they invited me back for coffee, tea, and biscuits together with a chat.  Going forward I have made several new friends and look forward to my Wednesday mornings out and about in the community where local residents often stop say hello and have a chat as well.
I would recommend anyone who wants to join us to do so, no experience needed just come along and see.

Sandy Willis

Two and half years ago I left  a quarter acre landscaped garden opening under the National Garden Scheme. I landed in a small square patch to satisfy the fact age was creeping up! But BLOOMERS to the rescue. I can enjoy my love of gardening in the fantastic company of others, making new friends and Cricklade beautiful. Why not join me and give it a try?

Kate Crow

I fully supported what Bloomers does and regretted that I didn’t have enough time to join the working parties when Bloomers first started. As soon as I had the time available I joined up and not only love working in a group as we seem to get more done just being together. I have learned so much about gardening and all aspects of garden plant life & care and grouping plants together. It is a fantastically friendly and useful way of spending my time. – even when it’s raining! We’re a family.

Linda Baxter

I do Bloomers because the town looks lovely and is a lovely place to live. Good fun keeping Cricklade looking nice with a good group of volunteers. Look forward to getting back together soon.