We strive hard to be sustainable, not just by planting trees, hedges, perennials, and bulbs but in all aspects of our work.

Water wise

We collect rainwater from all roofs at our base, using a solar panel enables water to be pumped from the 4 holding tanks. All planters have a water reservoir incorporated in their construction, plant uptake from the reservoir by capillary matting.


Plant material from weeding and pruning is composted in our 6 large bins, turned frequently, we can produce amazing compost. This is used in planters, borders and as a mulch. Its hard work but the results are well worth it.

We are peat free.


Perennial plants are regularly divided, either planted in another border or potted on and sold to boost our funds. Seasonal plants can also be sold, over-wintered or composted. Trees are locally sourced and certified British origin; we plant responsibly using right tree in the right place.

Bloomers have been involved in planting hundreds of trees around the Town with community help.


Bloomers re-use, re-cycle, re-purpose. Plant pots are re-used many times or surplus taken to a recycling depot. Broken tools are re-paired. Timber is re-used to make planters; water containers can be re-purposed into water reservoirs.